Nissan Sentra

NissanSentraThe Nissan Sentra has been around since 1982, and over that time, it has gone from being a subcompact car to a mid-sized car and one of Nissan’s most popular sedans. It has a roomy interior and offers a number of trim packages that include some luxuries like leather and a navigation system. No matter what model you have, as long as you take care of it, it will last a long time. We offer genuine OEM Nissan replacement parts like the following:

Floor Mats - To enhance your trade–in value, add a set of floor mats to the interior of your Sentra that will protect the original carpet from wear, fraying or other damage. OEM Nissan floor mats will be a perfect fit.

Wheels - Anytime you hit a pothole, you run the risk of bending a wheel, and that can affect the steering or tire wear. Replace bent wheels with genuine Nissan wheels like the ones we carry at

Brake Pads - You have to change the brake pads at regular intervals if you are going to continue to stop. These factory Nissan brake pads are optimized to meet the standards of your Sentra.

When you buy your replacement parts from us, you get genuine OEM Nissan replacement parts. We never offer cheap aftermarket copies of Nissan OEM parts, and we don’t try to compensate for our low prices with inflated shipping. Buy your new Sentra parts today.