Nissan Rogue

NissanRogueWhen Nissan decided to manufacture a crossover SUV, they designed the Nissan Rogue. This compact SUV made its debut in 2007 and won the Consumer's Digest Automotive Best Buy Award in 2010. It has been given five star awards for safety from the NHTSA. With proper maintenance, it will last a long time. Like all mechanical parts, there are some that are going to wear out on your Rogue. We offer genuine OEM Nissan replacement parts like the following:

Wheels - Wheels are a tough part of your SUV, but potholes and rutted roads can cause them to bend. If they do, your tires will start to wear and steering will be difficult. Replace them with OEM Nissan wheels.

Brake Pads - Your brakes are going to wear out; they are used every time you drive. When they do, replace the brake pads with factory OEM Nissan brake pads for an exact fit.

Roof Racks - The Rogue is built for adventure, and if you need more cargo space, add a set of roof racks to the top of it. These OEM Nissan roof racks will fit exactly as they should.

At, you will find genuine OEM Nissan parts that are made from the factory specifications and built to last. Unlike cheap aftermarket parts that are copies of Nissan parts, these parts are optimized for fit and performance. Browse our online catalog for any Nissan Rogue parts you need.