Nissan Pulsar

NissanPulsarThe Nissan Pulsar was a compact family car that had its beginnings as a Datsun. There were a number of variations over the years, but, for the most part, this was a small, fuel-efficient vehicle was manufactured with a hatchback. You still use yours to run errands and zip around town. When you need to replace parts, we can help. We carry parts for the Pulsar from 1984 and up.

Body – If you’re ever going to trade your Pulsar in or keep it as a classic, you need to make sure the body is in good shape. Whether it’s a mirror or a bumper, we have replacement parts.

Electrical – The electrical system can short out and cause parts to malfunction. If you need replacement parts like wiring and fuses, we can help. We also carry batteries, alternators, starters and other electrical parts.

Maintenance – Regularly changing the belts in your Pulsar will help to extend its life. We have factory belts, hoses and other maintenance parts, including filters and oil pans.

When you repair any part on your Pulsar, be sure to use genuine OEM Nissan parts like those found at These parts are made to meet the standards of the factory and will last as long as the original part. Order your Pulsar parts now.