Nissan Pickup

NissanPickupThe pickup from Nissan was a small, compact size truck that was a carryover from the Datsun truck. It was in production between 1956 and 1997 and was followed by the Nissan Navara. This lightweight pickup was the perfect companion for anyone who needed a small truck for work or play. You take care of your truck by doing preventative maintenance like oil and filter changes, and when you need to replace a part you use OEM Nissan parts.

Brakes – Another part that needs to be changed is the brake pads. A new set of brakes ensures a lot of stopping in your future. We also carry shoes, rotors, calipers and more for your Nissan truck.

Cooling – Keeping your pickup’s engine cool is the water pump's job. If the temperature starts to go up, you may need a new water pump. We have pumps, radiators, fans and belts in stock.

Axle – Running errands in your truck may take you down some bumpy roads that can do damage to your axle. A bent axle is a safety hazard. Replace it right away. We carry axles, wheels, joints and more for your pickup truck.

When you use genuine OEM Nissan parts in your truck, you are putting in parts that are built to the same specifications that the factory uses. These parts are exact fit and are made to meet your performance needs. If you have any questions, our experienced parts’ staff can help you. Buy your new parts now.