Nissan Pathfinder Armada

NissanPathfinderArmadaThe Nissan Armada debuted in 2004 and is a full-sized SUV built on the same platform as the Pathfinder and Frontier. It was billed as the Pathfinder Armada initially but was soon just the Armada. This large SUV is capable of taking all the kids on vacation while having plenty of room  for all their gear. You take care of your family SUV by fixing anything that breaks with genuine OEM Nissan parts.

Maintenance – It’s more than changing the oil that keeps your Armada on the road. It’s also changing the belts and hoses. We have these parts and more like the filters and gaskets that need to be replaced at some point.

Emission System – If your mileage is suffering, you may have a problem in the emission system. Emissions sensors in your vehicle can go bad causing poor fuel mileage. We have oxygen sensors, knock sensors and more for your SUV.

Suspension – It’s no fun to ride in a vehicle that jolts you around every time you hit a bump. If your suspension is bottoming out, then you may need a new set of shocks. We have shocks, axles, struts and more for your SUV.

Buy your genuine OEM Nissan parts from us and save money. We never offer cheap imitation parts nor do we make up for our low prices by inflating the shipping. You get wholesale prices and fast, affordable shipping on hundreds of factory parts. Buy your Armada parts here.