Nissan NX

NissanNXBetween 1990 and 1996, Nissan manufactured their 2-door front-wheel drive sports car coupe. They billed it as the NX and it was loosely based on the Pulsar. Because you still enjoy driving your NX sports car, you take good care of the engine by doing routine oil and filter changes. When you replace parts, you only use genuine OEM Nissan parts, like those found at

Axle – Since you expect performance from your NX, you know how important it is that the wheels and everything on the chassis is kept tight. A bad axle can happen just by hitting a rut on a road. Replace axles that have worn parts like hubs and joints. We carry a full line of axle parts for your NX.

HVAC –The air conditioning and the heating systems consist of a number of moving parts that can wear out. We have replacement condensers, compressors, heaters and more.

Steering - As with any sports car, the steering is an important part of the fun in driving it. If you need a new steering wheel, power steering, linkage or control arm, we have the right part for you.

When you buy from us, you never get cheap imitation parts, nor do we make up for our low prices by inflating the shipping. We offer fast, affordable shipping and wholesale prices on OEM Nissan parts and accessories. Buy your NX parts now.