Nissan Murano

NissanMuranoThe Nissan Murano debuted in 2003 and was the first crossover offered by Nissan. It’s a beefy family vehicle with ample room for gear or luggage. You take great care of your Murano by putting new brakes on it and changing the oil. We carry a large selection of genuine OEM Nissan parts for your Murano.

Exhaust System – The exhaust system consists of more than the muffler. There are many components that help to clean the air before it leaves your vehicle. Parts like catalytic converters wear out and need to be replaced. We have these and pipes, mounts, sensors, heat shields and more.

Axle – The axle keeps all the wheels going down the road in the same direction. Rough roads and other conditions can damage an axle. These are tough parts, but if you need axle parts like bearings or hubs, we can help.

Suspension – Your Murano’s suspension makes the ride smooth by softening out the bumps. When shocks or other parts start to wear, you will notice a much rougher ride. We have replacement parts like struts, stabilizer bars and more.

At, we carry a large selection of genuine OEM Nissan parts for vehicles, all the way back to some 1980s models. We offer fast, affordable shipping on all of our parts. Our professional staff has years of Nissan parts experience and is ready to assist you. Order your new Murano parts today.