Nissan Leaf

NissanLeafThe Leaf from Nissan is a compact 5-door hatchback that also happens to be electric. Since its inception in 2010, it’s become one of the top-selling electric cars. This plug-in is capable of highway driving and its distance range increases with new inceptions. When you take care of your Leaf, you make sure you replace any aging parts on it. At, we can help.

Cooling System – Like all vehicles, the Leaf has to stay cool, so it has cooling fans, hoses, and a water pump. Should any of these parts fail, you may have a problem with an overheated vehicle. We offer these cooling system parts and more.

Electrical Propulsion System – This system contains the battery stacks and the mounts for them. We have replacement mounts, chargers, switches, fuses and more to keep your EV’s propulsion system operating at its best capacity.

HVAC – staying warm or cool is easiest when the air conditioning and heating systems operate properly. We carry replacement condensers, compressors, hoses, mounts, and heater/ac assembly to make your drive comfortable.

When you order your replacement parts from us, you get genuine OEM Nissan parts for your Leaf. We never offer cheap imitation parts and then try to make up the price difference by inflating the shipping. You always get fast, affordable shipping with us. Order your Leaf parts now.