Nissan Axxess

NissanAxxessThe Axxess from Nissan made its debut as the Stanza, and the Axxess compact MPV was in production until 2004. This family van offers a lot of room for you and the kids, and since it is so economical, you extend its life by replacing worn parts with genuine OEM Nissan parts. 

Body – It’s important the body on your van is kept in good condition. Since parts like bumpers and doors help protect your family during collisions, any dented or bent body parts should be replaced. We have those parts and all other body parts that will keep your van looking good and improve the integrity of your vehicle.

Electrical –The alternator and battery keep your Nissan’s electricity humming along. If you need to replace either of these parts, make sure you replace them with genuine OEM Nissan parts. We carry these and other parts like wiring harnesses, lights and fuses.

Engine – The engine in your Axxess is made to last a long time. However, should you need to replace parts like the mounts or even the pistons, we can help. We have these engine parts and more.

By putting genuine OEM Nissan parts in your Axxess, you can extend its life. Genuine OEM parts are built to the factory specifications and will last as long as the original. Buy your new Axxess parts now.