7 Accessories For A Winter-Ready Rogue

You might be ready for winter, but is your Rogue?

Just like you winterize your house or put your sports car in the garage for the season, your Nissan Rogue could also use a little prep while the season is in full-swing. We know it's already an SUV, but these accessories could put it over the top as a snow-smashing SUV:

1. Carpeted Cargo Protector

Rogue carpet

The Rogue looks fancy, but it's still an SUV. For those times you need to load it up with bags, skiing equipment, muddy boots, or even heavy tools, lay down a cargo protector. Part number 99C3G2100.

2. WiFi

Rogue wifi

Yes, you can install WiFi in your Rogue. Just think of those inevitable winter drives where traffic's backed up, and the kids are getting restless. You'll thank yourself for the 4G WiFi when the kids are quietly watching movies as you inch down the highway. Part number T99Q84RA0A.

3. Heated Blind Spot Mirrors

Rogue heated mirrors

Morning frost won't stand a chance against these heated blind zone mirrors. Part number 999L1G20H0.

4. Family Travel Clean Up Kit

Rogue cleanup kit

Look, messes happen. So do bumps and bruises. And sometimes you go through the drive thru and fry crumbs make their way to the carpet. A Nissan Family Travel Clean Up Kit is complete with ice packs, rubber gloves, and a dustpan, perfect for whatever messes come your way. Part number 999M1NX000.

5. All Season Floor Mats

Rogue all season mats

During the winter, it's not always snow on the ground. Often it's mud, ice, or a combination of the three. During the winter months, a set of all-season floor mats provide the perfect barrier between the carpet and the mess. Part number 999E1G2000.

6. Nose Mask

Rogue mask

Not only will a well-fitting nose mask keep your Rogue looking like new, but it'll also protect it from ice, sleet, and rocks that pop up on the road. Part number 999N1G2000.

7. Roof Rail Crossbars

Rogue crossbars

Going skiing or snowboarding? Some roof rail crossbars are just the ticket to your ride up the mountain. And when summer hits, they can easily be used to mount a canoe or kayak. Part number 999R1G2500.