One of the Most Customized GT-Rs You'll Ever See

Modded GTR 3

Image Via eBay seller happytoohelp

We came across an interesting eBay listing the other day. An eBay seller from League City, Texas listed a 2014 Nissan GT-R with 30,000 miles for sale.

So why is this car so unique that we took the time to write a post about it? It's one of the sweetest, most customized GT-Rs we've ever seen. It started out as a sponsored show car featured in many different car shows, including the 2016 SEMA Show and the 2016 NOPI Nationals Supershow at Myrtle Beach.

Modded GTR 4

You know what that means? It’s loaded with top-notch customizations, and it's most likely been kept in pristine condition.

Now, it’s ready to retire as a show car after 2017. The lucky buyer will get to enjoy over $150K worth of modifications, including:

  • A $22K interior and exterior paint job
  • $7K custom lights designed and built by FlyRyde and controlled by XK Glow controllers
  • Brand new tires designed for the Lamborghini Aventador
  • 21” custom wheels that fit the German-built wide body design like a glove
  • A $25K Prior Design Carbon composite body kit with all the extras

Modded GTR 5

It appears that there weren’t any mods made under the hood, as this GT-R comes with the original 3.8L twin-turbo V6 engine. We don’t see that as a problem because the GT-R is already well-built.

After a bidding war between four eBay users, the lucky winner got to bring it home for only $71,500.

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