7 Things You Should Know About Nissan's Coolest Concept

The Warrior concept in all it's glory.

When the Nissan Titan Warrior concept debuted at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, the Japanese automaker proved they were all-in when it comes to the off-road segment. Here are 7 things you should know about this concept:

1. It's custom made for off-roading

If the Ford Raptor was a quarterback, the Nissan Titan Warrior would be the middle linebacker on the other side of the line, waiting to take it down. The Titan Warrior is an off-road machine, described by Nissan as an "adventure-ready, desert racing-inspired design." Nissan did a lot of customization to ensure the Warrior was off-road ready, including:

  • Custom upper and lower control arms
  • Performance ball joints
  • Tie-rod extensions
  • Racing-style shocks
  • Custom reservoir mounts
  • Custom rear shocks
  • Lengthened prototype axle
  • Custom sway bar
The Warrior's quad-exhaust outlets.

2. It's bigger than the Titan XD

The Titan XD is a big truck, but the Titan Warrior concept is bigger. It has three full inches of height on the Titan XD and is a full six inches wider. The fender flares have also grown to accommodate the 37 inch off-road tires on 18x9.5 inch custom wheels

3. The designer of the Warrior was inspired by Gladiator helmets

That's right - designer Diane Allen referred to ancient Roman gladiator helmets when drawing inspiration for the new concept. If you ask us, it's definitely apparent in the end product.

4. The engine can tow over 6 tons

The Titan Warrior Concept packs the Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine, which can tow up to 12,310 lbs. That's the same engine under the Titan XD. Generating 310hp with 555 pound-feet of torque, the Cummins' progressive 320 valve engine is up for any task, on or off road.

5. The exterior is pushing boundaries

The biggest change of direction for the Warrior is its appearance - and the shifts are just as much about function as they are form. The Warrior's unique look starts with 12 roof-mounted LED lights - six per side. The matte-gray paint job provides a nice contrast to the aggressive gloss-black trim. Opposite the spoiler on the rear cab is an all-black grille and a hood with functional air vents. All-new LED lights give way to wide fenders with integrated side-market lights. In the back, a rear bumper sits above quad exhaust outlets, and in front, a custom lower fascia sits complete with a skid plate.

6. The interior is tough, too.

The rough and tumble interior of the Warrior.

Cloth wouldn't have been the right fit, and a leather trim would've been too gaudy for the Titan Warrior. This genuine off-roader needed something more, something built to take on what tough roads bring without compromising anything stylistically.

As a result, Nissan went with a high-strength fabric for the seats and interior surfaces made from carbon fiber, polished chrome, and spot leather stitching. The custom steering wheel was made out of a single block of aluminum.

7. We could see it in production soon

When the Titan XD hit the market, it claimed a sizable chunk of the segment. If the Warrior concept could hit production lines, Nissan would most likely see generous returns. Senior manager of Nissan truck and SUV product planning, Rich Miller, alluded to this in an interview with Automotive News.

"We're making a big commitment to the pickup segment with the new Titan, and we're also looking at where else we might take it now," he said. "If we were to go ahead with it, we would also have to look at an engine enhancement for it," he added.

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